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Wythe County Parent Speaks Out After 10-Year-Old Daughter is Cyber Bullied

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We spoke with the parent of the girl who posted the pictures. She says her daughter only meant it as a joke and has already apologized.

While, Mullins told us after our broadcast the school sat the two girls down and addressed the issue. He says that's all he wanted. He also hopes this story will help others speak out against bullying.


On Wednesday morning, Bobby Mullins says he tried everything to get his daughter to go to school.

"She laid in bed for over 45 minutes. Her mother couldn't get her up," Mullins says. "She asked me to call her and when I called her, she immediately burst into tears. She didn't want to go to school."

The 10-year-old didn't want to go to Rural Retreat Elementary in Wythe County.

Her father says she was terrified of seeing her classmates after another girl at school posted embarrassing photos of her on Facebook.

Photoshop was used to put the girl's face in suggestive places, such as in a men's urinal.

Mullins says he sympathized with his daughter's humiliation.

"If you think about the situation in that regard, who would want to face their peers when something like that happens?" Mullins said.

He decided to take his concern to his daughter's school, but he was initially unhappy with the response. He says he felt like the principal brushed the situation off.

"They are just two 10-year-old girls who probably don't know any better and it's something the school could help with," Mullins says.

We talked to the Wythe County superintendent, Dr. W. Lee Brannon, who says the school has very strict policies on bulling. He says it's not tolerated on any level, whether it's in person or over the Internet. Brannon says the school has even launched several programs over the years and done extensive training with teachers on bulling.

He says the school's response is different depending on where the incident occurs and if it's affecting time in the classroom.


Wythe County parent Bobby Mullins says there should be zero tolerance when it comes to bullying. In this case, his 10-year-old daughter is dealing with the emotional toll of being bullied online.

Mullins says his daughter could barely get out of bed this morning after seeing several humiliating photos of her posted on Facebook by another girl at school. His daughter's face had been cropped and pasted on a picture of someone using a urinal. Plus, her face had been pasted on several other photos in suggestive situations.

Mullins took his concerns to her school, Rural Retreat Elementary in Wythe County, where he says he was not happy with school leaders' response. He says they brushed the situation off.