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Cuccinelli and McAuliffe Tackle Taxes, Medicaid in Second Debate

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Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe tackled a number of issues at their second debate in the first time the two gubernatorial candidates have met since July.

Medicaid expansion was a key topic for both candidates as they expressed very different views.

"It can work a lot better for the folks who are in it," Cuccinelli said. "A 40 percent expansion of Medicaid is not the way to help make it work better. Governor McDonnell took a broad view on government reform and I have a narrow and deep view."

"We're going to pay $26 billion over the next 10 years into the federal government, why would we not bring $21 billion of our money back into the Virginia economy to turbo charge our economy," McAuliffe said. "[Let's] use that money to bring more efficiency to the healthcare delivery system."

McAuliffe said he would pay for his education plan using federal money from a Medicaid expansion. The plan calls for increasing teacher salaries, and investing more in community colleges and pre-kindergarten education. However, when asked by moderator Chuck Todd for a dollar amount on the plan, McAuliffe did not answer.

Cuccinelli also talked about his $1.4 billion tax cut, which he says he plans on paying for by eliminating 15 percent of corporate loopholes and tax breaks, but when pressed, did not say what loopholes would be closed.

The two candidates will meet again for their final debate in October.