Northside Takes the Field in Pink


The Vikings stormed the field ready to play ball, but Friday night it was more than just a game: they were playing for the battle against cancer in honor of those who have lost, but are not forgotten.

"It's one of those feelings that you get that's like no other," player Ezra Waddey said. "It just leads up to something that we know is bigger than the football game, it's bigger than just us."

On the back of Waddey's jersey is the name of head coach Burt Torrence's grandfather, who lost his battle against lung cancer.

Both of Torrence's grandparents are remembered tonight. Seeing their names on his players jerseys is a feeling he says is indescribable.

"When I first saw my grandfather being worn by Ezra Waddey tonight and my grandmother being worn by Ben Plunkett tonight, it just brings back a lot of memories, a lot things we did together," Torrence said.

Their names were called out before the game, as their surviving children stood in their place.  David Torrence says it was the perfect way to honor his father.

"My dad loved kids and he loved to support the things that they were interested in and the things that they enjoy," David said. "I think this is great that we can do this and honor him tonight."

Becky Torrence's mother lost her battle against breast cancer, but she says seeing her honored by these boys gives her hope that one day the fight will be over.

"So many young people thinking of our cause, other than just a football game or other than themselves, means a whole lot," Becky said.

"It is quite an honor to be out wearing somebody that means so much to coach Torrence," says Ben Plunkett, who is wearing Torrence's grandmother's name on his jersey. "It's just awesome that we get to get out here and play for such a great cause that's bigger than a football game. We are playing for the community and everyone who has ever had to deal with this disease."

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