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Virginia Lawmakers Weigh in on Government Shutdown

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On Tuesday, Virginia's lawmakers weighed in on the government shutdown, and the ongoing blame game between the house and senate.

Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith pointed the finger at the Senate, saying, "I'm disappointed that we're at this point, I certainly didn't want to have a shutdown. But we made our position clear to the Senate, we then compromised that position. It's very hard to solve a problem when the other side won't even sit down and talk with you."

However, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine blamed the House for causing the shutdown. He released a statement saying "the House's decision to finally seek a conference to discuss short-term budget issues after shutting government down shows a callous disregard for the economy and for millions of American families who are affected by the shutdown."

Meanwhile Republican Congressman Robert Hurt said the Senate was to blame, saying lawmakers in the House have been "working diligently to offer proposals to fund the government in recent weeks. Over that course of time, we have offered three proposals to fund the operations of the government. The Senate has blocked each and every one of our good-faith proposals, refusing to compromise or even negotiate. In the end, the Senate's inaction protects special favors for big business, big labor, and the Washington political elite and leaves the Virginia family out in the cold."

Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte also blamed the Senate for the current crisis, but said it's time for both sides of the aisle to work together.