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Murphy & Harrington Families Ask For Your Help

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These two mothers came together to give each other support over the phone. They share the sorrow of missing their two young daughters.

"We need her back bad," said Laura Murphy, mother of missing Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy.

"We're sending you lots of prayers and all the strength we have and I can't wait to see you and your big gorgeous family on Friday," Morgan Harrington's mother, Gil, told Laura over the phone.

Gil Harrington says she knows what it's like for Laura Murphy to be missing her 17-year old daughter. Harrington's daughter, Morgan, was missing for more than three months back in 2009, before her family found out the devastating news that Morgan had been abducted and murdered.

"I recognize the shattered look on the Murphy family faces," Harrington says. "I know what it's like and the phone would ring and you're hoping its a call and you're afraid, too."

"It's been wonderful just talking to Gil and being a part of the Save the Next Girl [project]. It's giving me strength," Murphy says. "We are doing the right thing and working with her has been wonderful."

These two mothers are now working together on Save the Next Girl, a campaign originally started by the Harrington family.

As part of CUE Center for Missing Persons campaign, the On the Road to Remember event is this Saturday.

The campaign also promotes 102 missing persons and 6 unsolved homicide cases.

"Laura told me, 'Gil, Alexis is the next girl,' and that really gave me such a pain because we have tried so hard to make sure there were no more damage and no more missing women," Harrington said.

Harrington says she hopes they can get information at the event to help find Alexis, while raising awareness on spreading safety and preventing future crimes against young women.