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Pair of Pit Bulls Attack in Roanoke

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Wedgewood Road seems like your typical family neighborhood, but lately it hasn't been as peaceful as it should be after repeated pit bull attacks on other dogs, and now an elderly woman.

"To not be able to walk your own dog and have to carry Mace, or a club or knife in order to without having the fear of being attacked by pit bulls, it's ridiculous," neighbor Sean Hunter says.

Hunter and his family say they are fed up with living in fear of their own street. He says he and his wife had to literally fend for their neighbor's life.

"We beat the dogs off with a broom and some metal chairs and they kept continually circling around the woman and her dog," he said. "We kept fending them off along with our other neighbors and it was just a horrific scene. It was just terrible."

The woman's dog was tied up in its owners yard when the pit bulls attacked. Unable to escape, its owner intervened.

"She was down because she was holding her dog, cradling her dog because she was trying to save it. They were on either side of its neck trying to rip it apart," Hunter said.

This happened only minutes after he had gotten his two small girls on the school bus. Now he's concerned for their safety and he's not the only one.

"We are scared about our animals and our children," neighbor John Lankford said.

Lankford has a small son and several dogs. He says three times is too much: he wants the dogs gone.

"It's very frustrating because you have to be worried about where the dogs are going to be," he said. "I just want to see the dogs gone out of the neighborhood."

Fox 21/27 was unable to reach the pit bull owners. They were not home when we attempted to reach them.

The case is still under investigation. We looked at previous court documents where the owner was charged with "dog at large" and "animal nuisance." He pleaded guilty and was fined.

No charges have been brought against the owner at this time, and we have decided to not publish the owner's name because of this.