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Majority of VDOT Construction Projects On Time and On Budget

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Drivers expected to say goodbye to the orange cones along Route 460 in the fall, but construction is delayed for several more months. Business owners on the route say the project has affected their bottom line and can't wait until next spring when it's finished.

"It's made it rough, so I've been looking at possibly moving locations with a larger building and less congestion," says business owner John King.

King says he's lost about 30 percent of his business since construction started and is expecting to lose even more with the delay.

VDOT has made an effort to be on time and on budget with their projects: in the past five years, two out of 13 major projects in Southwest Virginia were delayed, four were finished early, and the rest were on time.

Ten of the projects exceeded their contracted budget, but VDOT says in their terms, it's all considered within budget.

"VDOT puts about 10 percent contingency in place for contractors and our budget to anticipate those fluctuations and cost," says VDOT spokesman Jason Bond.

Some of those fluctuations include prices of materials, such as asphalt.

Even though all the projects are to help improve the area, store owners like King say it can be tough on them.




Project Location Contract Begin Date Contract End Date Actual End Contract Cost Actual Contract Cost Misc.
Route 601 Roanoke Co. Mar-05 Oct-07 Sep-07 6,979,921 7,644,787 early
Route 651 Roanoke Co. Aug-06 Nov-07 Oct-07 3,266,553 3,533,883 early
Route 811 Bedford Co. May-07 May-08 May-08 1,805,451 1,813,899 on time
Route 614 Bridge over Back Creek Roanoke Co. Feb-08 Sep-08 Sep-08 290,561 290,561 on time
Route 221 Widening in Forest Bedford Co. Jul-07 Nov-09 Dec-09 15,397,521 15,840,165 late
Route 114 Montgomery Co. Jan-09 Oct-10 Jul-10 4,184,961 4,333,412 early
Route 220 Bridge Henry Co. Jul-08 Sep-10 Aug-10 3,103,968 3,133,757 early
Colonial Avenue Improvements Roanoke Co. Feb-09 Aug-10 Oct-10 3,091,460 3,146,887 late
Route 8 Stuart Connector Patrick Co. Jul-09 Jun-11 Jun-11 2,698,487 2,850,982 on time
Etzler Road Botetourt Co. Oct-10 Sep-11 Sep-11 1,797,439 1,802,403 on time
Route 738 Botetourt Co. Jan-11 Sep-11 Sep-11 849,957 874,430 on time
Route 58 Hillsville Bypass Carroll Co. Fall 2007 Nov-11 Oct-11 83,000,000 83,000,000 on time