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McAuliffe Makes Campaign Stop in Roanoke Friday

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Virginia's gubernatorial candidates are making their final push with November's election a little more than a month away.

On Friday, Democrat Terry McAuliffe campaigned in downtown Roanoke, making a stop at Sumdat Farm Market.

While admiring the unique shop, McAuliffe spoke about Virginia's rural economy and the importance of expanding resources for agriculture.

"Today, we're talking a lot about what we need to do on transportation, make sure we're continuing to fund our land grant universities at Virginia Tech and Virginia State, and do what we need to do to make sure we're bringing more farmers in," he said.

The Democratic candidate also faced several questions about Medicaid expansion, which has become a key issue in the race.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli is against the plan, instead wanting to improve the current Medicaid system instead of expanding it.

McAuliffe is pushing hard for the expansion, saying it will bring billions of federal dollars back to Virginia.

He plans on using that money to pay for education initiatives, including increasing teacher pay and spending more on community colleges and pre-kindergarten.

McAuliffe said he will need bi-partisan support to pass the expansion. At this point it's unknown if he can get that support in the Republican -controlled House of Delegates.

"I don't go in saying it won't be passed," he said. "I go in saying that the day after I get elected I'm going to visit each and every Republican Senator, each and every Republican House of Delegate and begin that process."

McAuliffe also spoke about the need to end the government shutdown in Washington and the impact it's having on 175,000 workers in Virginia.