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Possible Fee to Help Cover Meth Lab Clean-Up Costs in Roanoke

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After police discover one-pot-meth labs, someone pays the price to throw it away properly.

In Roanoke, like other cities, the bill is paid through taxpayer money.

"The funding that we're currently using to dispose of these types of situations is coming from the main city side of the budget we send the bill through," says Tim Jones, Deputy Chief Roanoke City Police.

Between July last year and this year, the city spent $16,000 for clean-up. The number is high because it takes special equipment and people to get rid of the meth labs.

Even though Roanoke City Police say these one-pot meth labs aren't a big problem compared to other areas, the city tells us it's still looking for help from the General Assembly.

The city is asking for localities to collect a $2 fee on all traffic and criminal convictions. The money will then go into an account to cover meth lab clean-up costs. It's estimated that the fee will add up to $30,000 a year.

The city says it still needs to get passed by the General Assembly before the fee is implemented, and it could happen as early as July of next year.

"One of the issues is that currently there is no funding for the cost of cleaning up meth labs that are discovered in the city of Roanoke," says Daniel Callaghan, city attorney.