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Metallica VT Shirts Raise Thousands for Morgan Harrington Fund

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Metallica band members continue to honor Morgan Harrington. Harrington was abducted and murdered after one of the rock bands concerts in Charlottesville in 2009. In 2012, Virginia Tech wanted to create T-shirts with Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' written on the front.

'Enter Sandman' is the song that plays when the football teams takes the field. The university could sell the shirt under one condition from Metallica: the band members said their portion of the proceeds must go to the Morgan Harrington Fund.

In the last year, the T-shirts have raised more $61,000 for a scholarship that will go to a Virginia Tech Carilion student for the first time this year. We talked to Morgan's mother, Gil Harrington, about what this means to her and her family. 

"I was overwhelmed and humbled that they chose to support us in this way," Harrington says. "This is kind of how you trump evil. People do the right thing, the generous thing, the wonderful thing. They have really been lovely to us."

The shirts are available online and at the Virginia Tech Bookstore.