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Roanoke's Elmwood Park Set to Open Next Weekend

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Elmwood Park in downtown Roanoke is set to open on Saturday, Oct. 19. The multi-million dollar project includes an amphitheater, stage, vendor hookups and water fountains.

City engineer Phil Schirmer says they also put in more than 20,000 plants as part of the storm water initiative. Schirmer says the initial concept design came in as an $11 million project but the city didn't have enough in the project budget to cover all of the projects. He estimates the total project cost is more around $7 million.

The city is asking businesses to sponsor additional projects they couldn't fit into the budget:

  • The Arbors: curving arbor walk that includes a gazebo overlook
  • Picnic Lawn: six picnic terraces with low seat walls and a new sidewalk space
  • Playground: feature includes play equipment, sand garden, dinosaur fossil dig and a dragon-shaped climbing area
  • Sculptures for the art walk: selection of revolving exhibits of outdoor sculptures on the art walk

For more information on sponsorships you can visit the Roanoke City website

Elmwood Park is set to re-open on Saturday, Oct. 19, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1:30 p.m. in the new amphitheater. The ceremony will be followed by recognition of the volunteers serving on council authorities, boards, commissions and committees, and the mayor's announcement of the Citizen of the Year. Immediately afterward, the city's Parks and Arts Program will highlight the park's re-opening with the program's final event.

The final event includes performances by the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, presenting "Peter and the Wolf" with the Southwest Virginia Ballet; Randolph Walker (Green Eggs and Ham); and Larnell Starkey & Spiritual 7. Admission is free, and the event is open to the public. 

For more information about the Elmwood Park re-opening activities, contact Joe Hanning, marketing and outreach coordinator for Roanoke Parks and Recreation, at 853-5847 or email him at To learn more about the Parks and Arts Program, contact Susan Jennings, the city's arts and culture coordinator, at 853-5652 or email her at