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Break in Investigation of Man Impersonating Police Officers in Floyd County

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It's common to pull over when you see blue lights in your mirror, but the Floyd County Sheriff's Department wants people to hold off before making that move.

The reason is because a man impersonating a police officer is pulling people over with a blue light. There have been about a dozen instances since September all around Floyd County.

He is described as being about 35-45 years old and having a reddish skin tone and reddish beard. So far, there are no pictures of him available, but over the weekend the sheriff's department got surveillance video of his vehicle.

If you're questioning who is trying to pull you over, the sheriff recommends you call them first. He says each of its police vehicles are tracked by GPS to know where they are.

The sheriff's department says residents have helped with leads into the investigation by calling in and hopes residents will continue to keep an eye out to end this crime.