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Layman Family Farms Implements More Security Measures After Accident

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Eric Layman of Layman Family Farms says the smiling faces of children during the fall is what he looks forward to this time of year. But the ride took a dangerous turn Friday night.

Layman says it's still hard to talk about what happened because in the 10 years he's opened the farm to fall events, Friday's accident has caused the first tractor-related injuries.

Layman says that every year right before fall he gets all of his equipment inspected through Bedford County. He also attends an annual conference to brainstorm ideas on safety measures with hundreds of other farmers. One of those measures include putting wooden planks on the sides of the tractor. After the tractor took a tumble Friday, Layman wasted no time making improvements.

After Friday's accident, plastic wires were put in place on the sides of the tractor to protect passengers. Wooden chocks that are put down before passengers get off the wagon to keep it from swaying back and forth were also added.

Even though this accident happened, Layman says he hopes it brings to light the dangers for other farmers.

"Hopefully other farmers can take from our incident and implement other things to them and hopefully I can get more ideas them to implement here," he says.