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Moneta EMTs Help Victims in Tractor Accident at Layman Family Farm

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Two EMTs stepped into action to help three people hurt at Layman Family Farms last Friday night after a tractor hauling a flatbed ran into a ditch.

Wendy and Brian Helman, both trained EMTs, were visiting the farm the night of the accident.

The two, along with a fire fighter volunteering on the farm, jumped in a vehicle and rode down to the creek where two teenage girls were trapped under the tractor and wagon and another man had collapsed.

Brian immediately jumped in the creek to help the girls.

"He stayed underneath the tractor the whole time, because one of the patients was a little scared of course, she was pretty emotional, and she begged him, 'Don't leave, please don't leave me,' and he said, 'I'm not going anywhere,'" Wendy said.

"[One girl] started crying and said, 'Don't let me die,' and I said, 'That's out of the question,'" Brian said.

Brian stayed with the girls in the creek for almost two hours until they were free.