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Libby Jamison is the Youngest Model to Walk in the Cure by Design Fundraiser

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The American Cancer Society is gearing up for the first ever Cure by Design event to fight cancer in style. Organizers have asked survivors to serve as the models this Friday night at Hotel Roanoke.

We introduce you to the youngest model to walk the runway: 9-year-old Libby Jamison was diagnosed with leukemia at age four.

Her mom Jennifer says the little girl has fought hard since her diagnosis, despite her young age.

Even though Libby is busy with homework and playing outside, she will walk the stage as the youngest cancer survivor.

"When I look back she was a trooper, she was a champ, she was very strong and made it through," Jennifer said.

"I'm looking forward to being up on stage and people thinking, 'You're really young to have cancer,'" Libby said.

It was while living in Denmark and visiting family in Roanoke that Libby was diagnosed.

Her family actually kept her here for treatment and never went back to Denmark.