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Regional Soccer Complex Coming to Roanoke

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A soccer complex is coming to Roanoke after neighbors in the area fought another proposal to build a propane gas terminal on the same land.

We reported back in August that a Missouri-based company called Inergy wanted to put $3.6 million into the project, but the company withdrew its re-zoning request.

Mark Powell, the president of the Southeast Action Forum, says many of the neighbors in the area are thrilled. They say this option is safer and more family-friendly.

Andrew Gentiluomo with Valley AFC youth soccer club says four acres of land in southeast Roanoke will be used to develop a world-class, community-friendly, regional soccer complex.

Gentiluomo says the group entered a long-term lease agreement with The Industrial Development and Investment Company.

The space will offer room for one full-sized field and two smaller ones for players eight and under. But the long-term goal is to have eight to 10 fields on the rest of the 30 acres of land.

Gentiluomo says there should be a big economic boost with people pouring in to town for big soccer tournaments.

"Regardless of whether you're a soccer fan or not, what it brings to the economy is something that has a family flavor," Gentiluomo says.

The new complex will accommodate the 2,300 players in the club.

The group plans to have their first event celebrating the new fields in the upcoming weeks.