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Salem Volleyball Coach to Raise Money for American Cancer Society

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The first ever Cure by Design event at Hotel Roanoke will raise money for the fight against cancer.

Before the event, we want to introduce you to one more survivor who will serve as a model.

Salem J.V. volleyball coach Russ Danstrom doesn't take himself too seriously, so he agreed to strut his stuff for Cure by Design and the American Cancer Society.

Fighting cancer has put things into perspective for this father of three.

While his kids are much older now, when the doctor found a cancerous tumor on his neck they were just four, six, and eight years old.

"You know you got little kids and I kept wondering, 'Am I going to be here, you know, for them,' and that's the thing that tugs at your heart and that's where the waiting, like Tom Petty said, is the hardest part," Danstrom said.

After eight weeks of radiation he was cancer free and remains so seven years later.