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Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off in Final Debate at Virginia Tech

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Gubernatorial candidates Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli took on the biggest campaign issues over the course of an hour on stage at Virginia Tech Thursday night.    

It didn't take long for both candidates to point fingers at the other's campaign platform.

While McAuliffe said the issue he wanted to most be remembered for was creating jobs and giving young people opportunities to keep them here in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli said his opponent doesn't have a plan to make that happen.

"I like education. I like puppies. But I don't bring the puppy home if I don't have a plan for how I'm going to deal with that puppy or guess what my house is going to look like, and he's all puppy and no plans," Cuccinelli said.

Meanwhile, on the heels of a violent week at schools across our country, the candidates answered the question whether to arm teachers.

"I do not believe that we should be arming our teachers and our professors. I do not support that, but there are programs that we could take advantage of that would allow us to put resource officers, security officers, in our schools. It's critical," McAuliffe said.

In closing statements, McAuliffe said he would govern similar to Mark Warner, while Cuccinelli said a vote for him is a vote against Obamacare.