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Becky says: Dancing with the Valley Stars

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In just a few weeks I have to get in front a crowd and "Dance with the Valley Stars."   

O.K., you can all stop laughing now!

In theory, that would mean getting all dolled up in some blinged out dress, I think sequins could be involved, and doing who knows what with one's hair.  I had one friend say she would buy a ticket just to see me in a pageant gown.  BUT ... Sorry to let you down - I'm not bustin' out a pageant dress.  Getting all frilly and swirling around for two minutes, or however long I have to dance, is all I got!

While I have no doubt there will be comedy involved - I'm willing to completely bust out of my comfort zone because the money raised for this event will go to the Turning Point - the Salvation Army's domestic abuse shelter.  In fact, that's actually how you "win" - the dancing duo who raises the most money for the Turning Point wins.

My husband and 4 year old son will be out in the audience to cheer me on.  I figure, no matter what happens, my son is only 4 ... it can't scar him for life, right?  Actually - the thought of embarrassing him, kinda cracks me up, but I doubt he's old enough.

While I continue to practice for my night of comedy ... click here for the "Dancing with the Valley Stars" donation link, or buy a ticket in my name (my red kettle needs some help!)  ... your donation will help the Turning Point continue to provide shelter for some of our most vulnerable neighbors.  It's not just women, or men, children also find themselves in the middle of violence and must escape to a safe place.  The Turning Point is that safe place ... so give them a hand, even if it's 5 bucks, every bit helps.

Meantime, I'm off to find some bling.