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Full Moon with Roanoke's E-911

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Dispatchers who take our calls during an emergency are trained to deal with anything that happens on the other end of the line.

Roanoke E-911 Supervisor, Melody Emerson leads the Delta Shift of Roanoke's E-911 center  explains, "You never know when you answer the phone what it is going to be."

When a full moon falls on a weekend as it did on Friday October 18th when we were there can add a new element to the job.

Emerson says, "We usually look ahead of time to see if it is going to be us or the other shifts working.  It is usually true that you have some of the weird calls you have a lot of babies being born strange happenings."

The calls come in steady during our visit but on our trip we don't observe anything out of the ordinary to dispatchers but to others some of the calls may seem anything but normal.

Everyone works together depending on what kind of emergency comes in. 

Full moon or not we found these dispatchers are prepared for any call that comes in.