Update: Neo-Nazi Bill White Found Guilty on All Counts

[image] Bill White

Update 10 p.m.:

A jury found self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi Bill White guilty on all four counts against him. 

On Count 2, White was found guilty of the lesser charge of sending a threatening email without the intent to extort, while on Counts 1, 3, and 4 he was found guilty as indicted.

After the verdict was read, White's defense team asked for a poll of the jury. The verdict was unanimous. 

A federal judge gave both the defense and prosecution 15 days to file any post-trial motions.

No sentencing date was set.


12:41 p.m.:

After White delivered his testimony, he says that he wasn't the person who posted on Facebook or sent emails to his wife. He says that another woman that he had given access to before fleeing to Mexico was the person who posted in his name.

Before recess, White said "I'm very sorry for this whole situation. I was very foolish. I really didn't want this to come out of all of this."

The trial will continue at 2 p.m. where the jury will deliberate.


11:15 a.m.:

Bill White is testifying right now. His lawyer asked him while on the stand what happened while he was in Mexico, right before he was arrested. He also asked what happened with his Facebook accounts and emails, since statuses were allegedly posted while he was detained. The government's lawyers are about to cross examine him.

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