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Roanoke County School Board: Unpopular Decisions on the Way if State Cuts Funding

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The Roanoke County School Board says it will be forced to make some tough and unpopular decisions if the state continues to cut K-12 education funding next year.

During a presentation he made at a State of the County event Wednesday morning, School Board Chairman Jerry Canada warned that despite all the good things happening in their schools, "all is not well" for the division.

Their current projections show they'll have to pay out an additional $2.2 million to the state pension fund (VRS) next year, and they expect to receive less money from the state.

Canada says the board is currently soliciting bids from private companies to outsource all of the division's bus, food, and nursing services so they can get a better idea of how much money they'd save if they were to go that route.

Board members have cut $15 million from the division's budget over the past five years. Canada says they're running out of things to cut.

"It pains me greatly to think that we may have to displace some employees," said Canada. "But we're getting to a point where we have to make our budget work."

Canada says they can't eliminate school closures from the conversation either, which is why he hopes the General Assembly is "kind to K-12 education" when it reconvenes next year.