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Expensive Equipment Stolen From Roanoke Tattoo Studio

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A Roanoke tattoo shop is looking for help after more than $25,000 of equipment was stolen last weekend.

Joe Hegarty, owner of 9 Tattoo on Orange Avenue, says a thief or thieves threw a brick through his studio's window and stole at least 40 pieces of expensive tattoo equipment. They also caused some damage to the floors and seating. The shop's alarm went off, but the robber or robbers left before the police showed up.

Many of the pieces have sentimental value for Hegarty and were customized specifically for him by friends. He's worked more than 20 years collecting the equipment. He says it's discouraging to know someone would steal from him and hurt his business in the process. 

Hegarty is now offering a $999.99 reward to anyone with information that will lead to the arrest and the person/persons who did this.

It's a message that's spread quickly through social media. Hegarty wrote a blog called, "Not much is worse than a thief."  He says it's been viewed more than 20,000 times. It has also been shared all over Facebook and Twitter.

Hegarty hopes it'll bring good news when it comes to finding his equipment. 

If you recognize the tattoo gear call 540-9-Tattoo (540-982-8866).