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Virginia Tech TEDx Talks

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Virginia Tech students, professors and the entire community got the opportunity to hear some very important ideas this afternoon.

It was the second annual TEDx Event. The idea behind TED Talks is giving people the chance to hear speakers with some big ideas. Organizers say the event has grown a lot since last year, and hope growth will continue in the future.

"This was our second year, we did a great job and were able to go bigger and better," says Adam Soccolih with TEDx. "Five hundred people and more speakers. Next year we'll go bigger and better again."

WSLS 10's own John Carlin was one of the sixteen speakers invited to talk. He spent his 12 minutes examining the future of the news business and how it's changed over the years.

All of the talks will be uploaded to the TED website and available to the entire world.