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Roanoke Veterans Day parade

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Hundreds of veterans and active duty military members lined the streets of Downtown Roanoke this morning.

Army veteran, Sgt. Alfredo Leon traveled from Arizona to be with his grandkids. He says veteran celebrations give him a chance to remember his time in the military.

"It means a lot. You know, you lose, you go with fellow people there, some come back, some don't and it's pretty hard-- but it's a good day to remember them," says Leon.

Fellow Army veteran, Tim Vail, agrees its a very important day for all veterans.

"It's mainly for veterans to be recognized by the public," says Vail, "When they get home from Vietnam, that didn't happen. But they do now and that's a very good thing, the country is a lot better place."

"It's honoring those people who gave their time, their family life, their children's time not to be there for special occasions to have this great country of ours. We have this day to celebrate the veterans who gave us this. This is their day," says Leon.

Many of the veterans who lined the streets were joined by their kids and grandkids. Giving them a chance to share their experiences, while also encouraging the next generation.

"It's a tough time for the military with all of the wars going on, so the fact that people are willing to volunteer now is a good thing," says Vail.

Today the community came out in hundreds to show their continuing support for these veterans.