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Sheriff Describes Gus Deeds as a "Nice Kid"

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At the family's request, police have blocked the entrance to the Deeds home on Vineyard Drive in Bath County. No one enters but the family.

The home is a crime scene after Senator Creigh Deeds was stabbed multiple times and his son fatally shot in what police are calling an attempted murder-suicide.

"I think the whole community is shocked," Sheriff Robert Plecker said.

The Sheriff's office reveled deputes were called out to the Deeds's house Monday morning prior to the altercation. He says the nature of the call was "typical" and didn't alarm him. He said the family requested assistance.

He would not comment if it was related to the mental status of Gus Deeds, but as the Richmond Times Dispatch reported, the 24-year-old underwent a mental health evaluation Monday, performed under an emergency custody order.

The Dispatch says Dennis Cropper, the executive director of the Rockbridge County Community Services Board, told them Gus was evaluated at Bath Community Hospital in Hot Springs, but was released because of a lack of beds.

However, after the report came out and more questions were being asked, Cropper released a statement saying he could not confirm what the paper reported.

Plecker knows the ins and out of the case, and much more. He has known the family for more than 20 years. He says the scene he found at the family's home Tuesday morning is a scene he never expected to find at the Deeds's.

He says his only reaction is shock.

"I'll just say that I would have never thought this with Gus or with his father," Plecker said. "Like I said, we know them. They are super nice people. We deal with them on a friendship-type basis daily."

Gus Deeds graduated high school with one of Plecker's sons, the same school where Plecker coached for years.

Plecker says Gus Deeds never was a violent person and has no criminal record.

"He was a top notch student. You couldn't ask for a better kid," Plecker said. "I know him through the school, through the school graduation with his father and his mother. Like I said. no problems with Gus. He is a super nice kid."