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Vigil Held for Deeds Family

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Students at the University of Virginia from both sides of the political aisle came together Thursday night for a vigil for Senator Creigh Deeds.

More than 50students from both the Republican and Democratic organizations joined together in support. Together they bowed their head in prayer and took a moment of silence to reflect on the tragic attempted murder-suicide that resulted in the stabbing of Creigh Deeds and the death of his son Gus.

The students signed personal notes for the senator and showed a bipartisan support for a man they say they respect and send their well wishes. Elizabeth Minnenman, president of the Republican organization at UVA, said it was a time for the two groups to put their political differences aside.

"We really wanted to bring the Charlottesville and UVA community together to show our support for the Deeds family and offer our condolences and a space for people to pray and offer their thoughts," Minnenman said.

Madeline Ducharme, the president of Democratic organization, said the event wasn't about politics, but a time for coming together to pray for person in need.

"It's the whole community that has come together because we think so highly of him," she said. "I don't want to make it a political thing."

The card they signed was filled with many well wishes from students and faculty across UVA's campus, many of whom have met Deeds before. It will be mailed to the senator's home.