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Savoy Lee Winery up for Auction

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The owner of Savoy Lee, David Wood, decided to put up his business up for auction on Dec. 9.

He told us one of the reasons he is doing it is because he isn't able to keep up with the demand. He started this as a side hobby and has seen Virginia wine grow a lot in the last decade since he's started.

"We helped start the Bedford Wine Trail and with Smith Mountain Lake being here the growth has been phenomenal," Wood says.

Recent research shows Virginia is in the top five in the country for number of wineries, but the demand became overwhelming for Wood, who started his business in 2005, and it's why he wants a new owner to take over.

"My doctor told me I needed to take something off my plate," Wood says. "I can't manage and do everything."

The starting bid is $450,000 and it comes with a wine inventory worth $200,000 and $100,000 of equipment, including 17 acres of land. Wood says he hopes that the future owner would take advantage of the possibilities the current property has.