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Becky says: Let me know if you read blogs!

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I'm curious ... If you read this blog, please comment below, or comment on my Facebook page, Becky Freemal Fox Roanoke.  I wonder how many people see these blogs.  I know back in the day, blogs were all the rage, but I am pretty sure that trend is fading, or has already faded.  Who knows?  Maybe people love these things!

Blogs are pretty much like online journals, and I'm not sure too many people are that interested in another person's stream of consciousness.  Now, if it's a blog specific to a topic, such as decorating tips, and the blogger throws out new ideas weekly or monthly ... you might actually learn something new.

What I do is news ... and we share it online and during our newscasts every day.  However, maybe I could just share the most interesting news of the day if you prefer to read about it in a blog format.  Let me know what you think ... your thoughts on blogs and what you would like to see.

And the above would be my stream of consciousness for the day ;)