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Area Around Bedford Railroad Tracks Seeing Growth

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Red brick buildings across the railroad tracks were empty for years, but now, construction is making this a place to live. Developer John McCormack was driving from Roanoke back to Petersburg when he spotted potential in Bedford.

"I'm always looking for buildings that have historic character and charm and I came through here just on a whim and found these beautiful buildings," McCormack says.

The building is a former tobacco warehouse that's being redeveloped into apartments. Each one will have some type of historic character, such as a wooden floor or exposed brick. And within a few blocks from there other empty buildings are getting filled, too such as the former Rubatex facilities.

The town manager tells us it's an initiative between the town and county to attract businesses to move in.

"We're making a real effort, both the town and the county, for finding a positive reuse for the old facilities and bringing back some vitality," Kowlakowski says.

In addition, the town is also working on getting an Amtrak stop, which could help attract even more people to live and work here because of its convenience.

"It would be an element of it that you can literally walk from your apartment to the train station and travel up an down the East Coast," Kowlakowski says.

The apartments are expected to be ready by next spring.