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Volvo Test Track Expected to Grow Business

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A new test track at Volvo in Dublin allows potential buyers the experience of driving the VHD Vocational Trucks along terrain that is rocky and hilly.

Plans to create a customer experience location on site were first discussed back in May.

"It is a very exciting project," says Vice President and General Manager Lars Blomberg. "This is the first actual test track we have in the U.S. for Volvo. I think it is very, very nice that we put it here in the New River Valley."

The first opportunity to use the 1.1-mile test track came last week when Volvo had eight potential buyers here from the U.S. and Canada and nine dealers try it out.

Billy Ogle has worked at Volvo since 1999 and was part of the team of employees who built the track.

"This is an investment in our future," Ogle says. "I have a son who works here and not only will it help him, but also the future of this plant. It is just a team effort."

"That product is meant for this kind of construction site," Blomberg says. "We bring customers here and they can use that truck with our I-Shift Gear Box and that is a good experience for the customers. They love it."