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Horse Found Starving in Franklin County

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Franklin County Public Safety Captain Marvin Woods and animal adoption specialist Cindy Brooks found a horse named Chad starving at a farm near Ferrum.

Most of Chad's bones stick out and there's not much fat left on his body to keep him warm this winter.

"On the one to nine scale, [he] scored a one by the veterinarian, which [means he's] totally emaciated," Woods says. "There's no muscle mass. It's basically skin over bone."

Woods says he doesn't understand why someone would let an animal suffer like this.

Woods and Brooks took Chad into custody and brought him to the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, where a vet said he has a less than 50 percent chance for survival.

"We can help if you're having a problem," Brooks says. "Contact us and we can help. Don't let it get to the point where an animals suffers."

Kathryn Barber, the horse rescue's vice president and farm manager, says she expects to be overloaded with horses this winter.

"This is only November and we are already seeing horses in this condition and bad winter months haven't even started yet," Barber says. "I think we are going to see a whole lot more of this all winter long and it's just sad to see this again."

The rescue relies on donations and says they need food to help them get through this winter.

The Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue needs corn, applesauce, corn flakes, vegetable/corn oil, and hay. You can donate here.

Other places that can help your animal include: