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Planning Thanksgiving Travel Around Snow and Ice

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Traffic on Interstate 81 is steady, as many people have already started traveling for Thanksgiving. VDOT spokesman Jason Bond says the agency is ready for the crowded roads and the winter weather that the next few days could bring.

"It's certainly the busiest travel day of the year," Bond said. "We are expecting heavier traffic volumes."

With snow and ice in our forecast, meteorologist Jeff Haniewich breaks down the road conditions for those of you traveling for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.

"If you were to leave [Tuesday night], just cold rain. Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., we're looking at rain changing to snow," Haniewich says. "That's the time frame I would say, just be very careful. If you don't have to go at that time, just don't do it."

But if you do have to leave Wednesday, some times are better than others to avoid the bad weather.

"Traveling I-81 and going north, precipitation may follow you for a while. South, you will be okay," Haniewich says.

If you're heading south on I-81, Haniewich says to be cautious around Smyth County, which could see more slick conditions.

"Traveling along I-77 to Charlotte, you should be okay, especially in the afternoon," he says. "I-77 through Beckley to Charleston, West Virginia, give it more time."

And Route 460 heading towards Richmond should be fine, but Haniewich says there will be more snow and ice moving towards Narrows and Princeton, W. Va.

The theme for holiday travel this year is simple: use caution.

"We'll be monitoring those conditions overnight," Bond says. "Ready to plow and treat those roads when we do start to see snow or ice accumulating."

"Just be careful traveling," Haniewich says. "Take your time getting to wherever you need to be. Your destination will be awaiting you, so just be careful."