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String of people hit by cars in Roanoke

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Roanoke Police are calling for more awareness, after seeing a string of pedestrians hit by cars over the past few weeks.

On November 8th, a car hit a 13-year-old and his father, who is in a wheelchair.

Acoya Spencer says he pushes his dad Chris along Williamson Road to go to the library all the time. He never expected a car to hit them, and than take off.

Acoya says he had to grab a hold of his dad's wheelchair and push it out of the way. Acoya took most of the impact from the car, and now has his arm in a sling.

"I was kind of mad," 13-year-old Acoya Spencer says. "Why would the person not pay attention, and just hit a 13-year-old, and not even care about it, and just keep going?  And I was actually more worried about my dad than me."

His dad now calls Acoya his little hero.

"It could have been a lot worse if my chair really spun out of control," Chris Spencer says.  "It could have thrown me right out, but his quick thinking and prevented that.  That's my little hero."

Other recent cases in the city include a hit and run on October 9th.  Surveillance video shows a pick-up truck hit a woman on crutches, while she crossed the 2200 block of Melrose Avenue.  Police are still looking for the driver of this truck.

On Friday November 15th. a person died after a vehicle hit them in the 3800 block of Franklin Road.  That person did stop.

Then Tuesday, November 26th, a car hit someone on South Jefferson Street near Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  That person was severely injured.  In this case, police say the driver stopped.

"We've had several pedestrian hit and runs over the past few months that have been serious," Sergeant Jeffrey Newman said.  He adds that people to come forward with tips, if they see a hit and run happen.

"With hit and runs, we need witnesses to come forward.  They are enabling this criminal act when they don't stop," Sgt. Newman says.  "This is a problem for the community, and it's one where we do need the public's support."

Call Roanoke City Police if you know anything about these hit and runs: (540) 853-2212.