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Lines form at stores ahead of Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales

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People line up to check out in Best Buy as families shop, adding items to their holiday wish lists.

But outside, a different line is forming - one for extreme shoppers who camp out overnight, hoping to be the first in the store when doors open at 6:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

"Some people have roller coasters that give them an adrenaline rush," says Sean Avidano, who's second in line. "This is my adrenaline rush. Saving money is always a good thing, times are tough."

Avidano came to Best Buy at noon, taking his place near the front of the line. It's a spot he's making comfortable since he'll be stuck there for more than 30 hours.

"I have a bag here with water, Special K cereal bars and my friend will be bringing me sandwiches throughout the night," he says. "I have on four pairs of pants, 5 shirts, my jacket a hoodie and my Virginia hat, I'm good to go."

Many people who passed by today, stopping to ask what deal is so irresistible that he would be willing to camp out all night. He says a 27 inch computer monitor for $180 is a deal he can't pass up.

"I'm an electronics person. Usually the electronics deals get me. I've been doing this for about ten years now," Avidano says.

Over the past ten years, the sales have moved from Black Friday to Thanksgiving day, a change that's gotten varying reviews.

After spending the majority of his Thanksgiving camped out in front of the store, Avidano does have plans for Thanksgiving dinner.

"Since I'm one of the first ones, I'll be done pretty early. I'll probably get out at around 7, go to Waffle House or IHop and get some dinner," he says.

Somewhat untraditional, just as he's spending his Thanksgiving day.