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Supporters create 'Save Happy's' Facebook page

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Thousands of people are showing their support for Happy's Flea Market through social media.

We reported last Friday, Happy's may be condemned if significant roofing and electrical repairs aren't made my January 6th.

William Sellari started a Facebook page called 'Save Happy's.' So far, it has more than 2,000 'LIKES.'

Sellari says he's been going to Happy's since he was a kid. He wanted to bring people together to show support for the flea market.

"A lot of people sometimes in a threat of losing something, they rally around it, and were trying to get people back and remind them what's great about this place and not too let it go," Happy's supporter, William Sellari says.

Sellari is working with Happy's General Manager to see how the Facebook fans can help Happy's stay open. Sellari isn't sure if that means donations just yet.

Roanoke City's Fire Marshal, Daniel Rakes, says Roanoke Fire-EMS wants to see Happy's stay open. He says they always want local businesses to succeed.

"We're optimistic they will get everything done in the 30 days, so we don't have to shut them down,'  Roanoke City Fire Marshal Daniel Rakes says.

Rakes says an inspection showed the roof is not structurally sound. They want to make sure the building is safe for customers, especially with the notational for heavy snow in the winter months ahead.