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Roanoke Fire-EMS gets hoarding calls each week

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The issue of hoarding extends beyond reality TV. That's why the City of Roanoke's Fair Housing board welcomed Cory Chalmers.

 Cory Chalmers, who you may have seen on A&E's show 'Hoarders', shared some insight with firefighters, police, and non-profit groups across our area.  The compulsive disorder cripples people from being able to throw away anything. It often takes over people's homes and lives. 

"I started because I was a firefighter and a paramedic going into these homes and realizing how dangerous these situations were," Cory Chalmers says.

It's a problem firefighters in Roanoke say they get a call about at least once a week.

"It's here in our area," Roanoke City Fire Marshal Daniel Rakes says. "It's here and it is a threat to us and the citizen."

Chalmers showed pictures of how the accumulation of belongings and trash can be dangerous for firefighters or anyone trying to enter the home.

Sine June, hoarding is now classified as a psychiatric disorder. The City of Roanoke's Fair Housing Board hosted Chalmers because they want to make sure community leaders understand the disorder. 

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