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Becky says: Slow down winter holidays!!!

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     I had no idea the shortened time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year would bother so much ... or at all, for that matter.
     I need just one more weekend ... Just one.  We have been so busy, we haven't had the time to just take in the fun things around town - drive around and look at Christmas lights, go see Santa (thankfully he showed up at the preschool - shwew!) and the one weekend we did plan to go to the Virginia Transportation Museum to see Santa and the trains, the forecasted ice canceled the event.
     Now, here we are, almost the weekend before Christmas, I'm running around trying to get last minute holiday errands done, make sure I have gifts for all the people we exchange with ... And I just want to hang out with my 4 year old and have fun.
     There have been plenty of years in my life Thanksgiving landed late in the calendar ... never noticed it before.
     This year - maybe because I have a 4 year old - I just want to slow time down a bit, breath and enjoy the holiday.