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Roanoke City urges caution as snow approaches

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Roanoke City issued a statement today urging residents to take precautions for snow that is forecast for our area starting on Tuesday. They ask residents to avoid unnecessary travel. If you must get on the roads, maintain a safe distance of at least 5 seconds behind other vehicles. They recommend being cautious even after roads have been plowed.

People are asked to park in driveways, or park with other cars on the same side of the street, to make it easier for snowplows on crowded city streets. If it's not possible to limit parking to one side of the street, avoid parking directly across from another car.

Be alert to re-freezing of melted snow. We'll have a period of very cold weather for several days. Roanoke City also suggests listening to local media for instructions form local, state, and federal agencies during and after the storm.

For power outages, don't call 911. Call AEP at 1-800-956-4237. Water main breaks should be reported directly to the Western Virginia Water Authority at 853-5700. Use 911 for emergency situations only.