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Roanoke County School leaders concerned over budget

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ROANOKE COUNTY - A top talker Thursday night at the Roanoke County School board was the budget for the upcoming 2014- 2015 school year.

Assistant Superintendent Penny Hodge addressed the school board about budget concerns Roanoke County Schools have faced over the past five years.

Hodge says the school system receives 14 and a half million dollars less in state funding that what it did five years ago.

In that time, they've shut three schools down, frozen school employee salaries and eliminated 238 jobs.

“It is so important for us that they hear us so that we can support that and we can provide cost of living adjustments for employees,” Hodge said. She says 87 percent of their budget goes to paying salaries in the school system.

“Roanoke county schools offer some really wonderful programs but they all come with a price tag,” Hodge said.

The school board will be traveling to Richmond Monday to speak with state leaders about increasing the amount of money given to k-12 public schools.

They encourage parents and concerned citizens to write their concerns to state leaders.