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More snow coverage

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6:11: Traffic in our area was crawling earlier today. Cars on Orange Ave. took several minutes to progress from one light to the next. At one point, vehicles moving from Roanoke to Blacksburg on I-81 were facing a trip of over 150 minutes. One viewer reported going from Towers Mall in Roanoke to Moneta in the same time it normally takes to go from Roanoke to Richmond.

5:42: VDOT warns motorists: The Virginia Department of Transportation is asking motorists to expect rapidly changing road conditions and to postpone unnecessary travel.  With snow currently falling, all roads throughout western Virginia are becoming snow covered and very slick.

5:20: State Police have responded to:
Since 2 p.m., 85 vehicle crashes in the Salem Division. 
Since 2:30 p.m., 37 crashes in the Appomattox Division.
Since 3:10 p.m. , 24 crashes in the Chesapeake Division.
Since 2:30 p.m.,  20 crashes in the Wytheville Division.
Since 3:50 p.m. , 16 crashes in the Richmond Division.

Halifax County Fatal Crash: At 2:38 p.m. Wednesday, VSP called to the scene of a traffic crash on Route 501. There is one confirmed fatality. Route 501 in both directions was re-opened by 4:15 p.m.

5:10: Lynchburg VDOT reports snowy and icy conditions are creating serious traffic troubles on Mt. Cross Road (Route 750) from the Danville City/Pittsylvania County line to the Route 750/844 intersection and VDOT encourages motorists to avoid the area. 

5:01: Duke Carter reports: Roads in most of the NRV are empty. At Virginia Tech, students are taking advantage of the snow day. 460 is a sea of white.

4:51: In Bedford, We spoke with public works today and they told us crews are focusing on clearing the primary and secondary roads first. After the storm stops, crews will go out to residential and side streets then clean the sidewalks.

Roads in Botetourt County are covered with several inches of snow.  Fire & EMS crews say there have only been a few calls related to weather. They expect weather-related accidents to increase throughout the night. Drivers are urged to stay home or use slow down and use extreme caution on the roads .

4:35 p.m. Traffic throughout our area is moving slowly. In many places drivers are sliding off roads and into ditches. Last-minute shoppers swamped many local grocery stores. Heavy snow is also lowering visibility in many places.

12:22:  Bethany and Duke in the NRV: Montgomery county offices are closing at 1 p.m. Wed, Feb. 12. Offices will reopen at 10:30 a.m. or later on Thursday, Feb. 13, subject to weather conditions.

From Ananda Rochita: Public works say crews will start to push snow when it gets to two inches and start with the primary and secondary roads first, then when the snow storm is finished, they'll go into residential and side streets. After that crews will clean sidewalks around town.

From Dawn Jefferies: Officials stress - if you don't have to go out, don't go out. Also, try to leave one side of the street clear to assist snowplows. Roanoke Public Works says it could take multiple days to clean up a large amount of snow.

Jenna says National Guard is mobilizing across the state. Lynchburg based 1-116th has 40 soldiers headed to Lynchburg, Pulaski & Lexington.

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Karen McNew invites you to watch our special noon coverage of the approaching snow.

Jenna Zibton will be following the path of the storm from Martinsville back to Roanoke.

Ananda Rochita is covering the storm's impact in the Bedford area.

Aaron Martin will bring information from VDOT's Salem Operations Center.

Bethany Teague is keeping an eye on conditions in the New River Valley.

Dawn, John and Karen and the meteorologists are handling things from the newsroom.