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Joys of Home Ownership

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Oh, the joys of home ownership.  I am now the proud owner of new water and sewage lines several feet below the surface of our front yard.

It's not fun to spend thousands of dollars on something you can't even see.  Even if I bedazzled the new pipes ... they got buried under piles of dirt.  Not only do I not get to show off my new water and sewage pipes ... my front yard is now in serious recovery mode.

I have to give the guys some mad props though.  They came in, dug what started to look like a mile long trench to me ... and got it done by the end of the day.   Sure that's a bit overly dramatic, but when you see your once perfectly fine yard dug up and in piles, AND you actually paid to get that done ... it's a bit stressful!  

However, all is done, the yard is put back together with a lot of grass seed and hay covering the once mile-long trench.  While I'm ready for spring, these last few small snowfalls have helped the grass seed ... nothing like soaking grass seed into the ground than melting snow!

Once spring arrives ... It'll be like nothing ever happened!  Right?