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Jeb Burton's Career Boosted by ThorSport Racing

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     Imagine landing your dream job. That's what happened to Jeb Burton last year he had a full time ride in the truck series.  Due to financial issues with last year's sponsor he was left without a ride a month and a half before Daytona.

      But that's where ThorSport racing stepped in.  He said they picked him up during a bad time. 
Burton called it a confidence booster after ThorSport called. 
What he did last year with Turner-Scott motorsports was amazing. 
Burton had seven poles and a win in the truck series last year, which is why the move was so puzzling.  Luckily for Jeb, his dad Ward and Uncle Jeff have been through the same issues in their careers in the sport.
       That advise helped jeb through what he calls the worst time in his family's life.
Jeb will be at Martinsville with hopes of securing sponsorship for future races this season.