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Death of Jamisha Gilbert Ruled Accidental

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The investigation into the death of Jamisha Gilbert revealed the circumstances leading up to her death indicate it was an accident. No criminal charges will be filed in the case.

Lynchburg police say the cause of Gilbert's death is hypothermia. Marijuana consumption is likely a factor in the 18-year-old's death, although police say the degree to which it contributed is uncertain. The Lynchburg Commonwealth's attorney says Jamisha Gilbert was found about two miles away from where her car crashed. Gilbert was found naked in the middle of a briar patch so thick they had to use chainsaws to cut her out. There were hundreds of cuts on her face and feet. Lynchburg Police say three young men admitted to smoking marijuana with her before her disappearance, but they will not be charged with drug distribution.

"The justification for this decision comes in the possibility that a greater good can result from this case if the facts are made open to the public now, instead of in months or possibly a year from now, after a criminal trial in all possible appeals have been exhausted" said the Commonwealth Attorney.

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