Ali Wolfe Remembered, Sheriff Shares Road Concerns


Friends of 16-year-old Ali Wolfe remember their favorite memories of the young woman taken too soon.

Max Watkins read a handwritten note Ali wrote to him before a high school basketball game.

He says he has dozens more just like it from her. 

It's an example, he says of how encouraging Ali was even when she wasn't in uniform on the sidelines.  

“She cared so much, Ali.  She'd get me something every year for my birthday, she never expected anything in return, she just wanted to see other people happy and that's really the truth,” Max said.

She signed her note “Love Ali” and that's exactly what her friends are doing - loving and mourning a life taken too soon. 

It was an area of Rt. 220 near the high school where Ali ran off the road Monday. 

“She and I talked every day and we always texted and Snapchatted and when she stopped responding for a while, I knew something was weird,” explained Lucas Hodge.

Mikahla Puffenbarger heard the rescue call come across the scanner. 

“Ali was my best friend,” Mikahla said.  “Every band trip, every band camp, everything we did was together.”

On Max's porch they recalled their favorite Ali memories and thought about how Bath County High School won't quite be the same. 

The football field was empty Wednesday and because school leaders called off practice for the rest of the week, so the community could mourn.

“Ali knew everyone. She talked to everyone. A lot of people are really going to miss her,” said Mikahla.

According to Bath County High School's website tentative funeral arrangements are as follows:

Family visitation will be from noon to 2:00 p.m. Saturday, August 16, 2014 with the service immediately following at Lifeline Church.

Ali will be buried in Mountain Grove. A reception will follow at the Mountain Grove Community Center.

Markers throughout Bath County are reminders of where a life was lost. There are about 10 scattered throughout the county. 

"You see them you don't forget," says Robert Plecker, Bath County Sheriff. "You see them everyday. You can't forget."

Sheriff Plecker said he's heartbroken knowing another marker will go up in memory of Ali Wolfe, a Bath County High School student who was about to celebrate her 17th birthday next Friday.

"I don't know how to say it," says Plecker. "Ali was one of those kids you wished you had a hundred of them."

Wolfe crashed about 100 yards away from school. Police say this is truly an accident. She wasn't using her phone, speeding, and was wearing a seatbelt.

The sheriff showed us some of the dangers on the roads and took us to areas where people have died in crashes. He told us on average one person is killed in an accident in the county every 18 months and a majority of them are new drivers. He said there needs to be more done on driving improvement and safety to prevent another tragedy.

"Is there a fix to this?" said Plecker. "I don't know what it would be we can only hope and pray the kids learn and it's sad they have to learn this way."

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